5 ways to minimise harmful blue light in your life

Blue light (425-495nm) is potentially harmful to humans, inhibiting energy production in our cells, and is especially harmful to our eyes.

shades of blue
Don’t look at this image for long!

This can manifest in the eyes over time as poor general vision, especially nightime or low brightness vision.

In fact, blue light is well established in the scientific literature as a leading contributor to age-related macular degeneration.

Sailors throughout modern history are well known to have a higher rate of cataracts due to glittering sunlight being reflected on the oceans.



Sources of blue light

This harmful light comes from any source of direct blue or wider spectrum white light, including:

  • midday sun
  • smartphone screens
  • tv screens
  • street lighting
  • car lights
  • household technology
  • and more


How to prevent blue light damage

Fortunately there are several easy lifestyle changes you can make to minimise and even reverse blue light damage.

  1. F.lux – https://justgetflux.com/
    • Free software for Windows, Mac, iOS (Android CyanogenMod users have LiveDisplay)
    • Significantly reduces blue light output from your screens at night, giving a warm orange tint.
  2. Blue light blocking glasses
    • Orange tinted glasses that absorb any blue light, allowing the rest through.
      man wearing blue light blocking glasses
      “These glasses are great!”
    • Fully protects the eyes in areas of bright light such as grow rooms or during acne light therapy
  3. Red OS themes
    • Windows/Mac background colours can be changed to a solid red
    • Red Google Chrome theme
    • Android/iOS backgrounds can also be set to solid red
    • Android/iOS keyboard themes can usually be changed to redred swiftkey keyboard theme android
  4. Red household items
    • Such as curtains, duvets, walls and even the clothes you wear may give a slightly healthier environment to live in, especially for people with eye problems.
  5. Red LED lights
    • Finally, the most effective way to neutralise any damage from blue light is to counter with high powered red lights such as below:
$ 240.00 Ex. VAT $ 240.00

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