General Health

Light therapy has been studied for a number of issues affecting both the body and skin, across many different species. With tens of thousands of studies in the field of photobiomodulation, and hundreds more released every year, a wide range of health conditions have been investigated, with interesting results.

The foundation of life – Energy Production

‘Energy and structure are interdependent, at every level’ – Ray Peat

Light therapy works on a very foundational level of our body, which explains why researchers are interested in it for various different things. In fact you don’t need to have a diagnosed problem to get benefits from light therapy – it can also be used in a preventative way to maintain optimal general health and performance. Other tools can harmonize with light therapy and enhance the effects.

healthy brain

The leading hypothesis as to the mechanism of light therapy is that it enhances the natural energy producing ability of our cells, raising the metabolic efficiency and ultimately allowing the cells to function at their best. Other competiting hypotheses do exist, so the true mechanism behind light therapy is still open to further investigation.

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