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We recently participated in some interviews around the web:

Resonant FM

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We appeared in episode 7 of the biocast podcast with over an hour of audio discussions on red/infrared light therapy with Shane from It is available below:

Shane is doing some great work in summarising important health information in easy to digest audio format and I highly recommend checking out his website. We also did a follow up podcast discussing the more scientific mechanisms and cellular effects of light therapy:


The Nutrition Coach

emma the nutrition coach sgorakisWe also had the pleasure of collaborating with Emma ‘the nutrition coach‘ Sgourakis, doing a 2-part written interview with her. You can see the first part here:

Emma is certified nutritionist with an incredible understanding of physiology, cellular metabolism and how food can be used to optimise your health. It’s definitely worth visiting The Nutriton Coach website and blog to find some easy tips to improve your metabolism through nutrition.

Emma seems to be constantly looking for new information to deepen her already profound understanding of biochemistry and energy metabolism in the body, Unlike many pure researchers however, she has a strong focus on useful, practical tips to integrate into your life, and knows the best questions to ask:

3 thoughts on “Interviews on other websites

  1. Misty Cashman says:

    I’m new to Peat ideology. I’ve had 94-95 temp, 45 TSH, hypo for years, in bed for 6 years about 20 hours a day, abused, neglected and poisoned by over 50 both medical and alternative practitioners. I’ve spent hundreds of hours researching & experimenting with everything from UBI (ultraviolet blood irradation) to hyperbaric oxygenation and ozone and on and on and on. The light technology is far too extensive for me to make an informed decision, so I am choosing to use a different approach to evaluate my best gains from light therapy. Do you survey your customers as to their referral to redlightman? How many of your customers are Peat-literate Peat-referred or Roddy-referred? What is your most popular light for Ray Peat forum members? Do you ship from your warehouse in UK only? Should I go for the big guns bodylight combo or start with a non-invasive hand held light? Thank you for you work and investigation. Keep it up friend!

  2. Radek Pilich says:

    Did you provide explanation on the design of your lamps? I don’t understand it, especially the cube devices with the huge “domes” on them. Maybe, you could write a blog post on it?

    • Joe says:

      OK, sure.
      The domes you mention are just lenses. To focus the light. These were the lenses with the best light transmission and power density measurements of the ones we tried. The cube shape enables you to rest them on any flat surface, in addition to hanging or holding.

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