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These light therapy devices contain a combination of Red and Near Infrared LED light. We call them the Combo Light Devices.

Every Combo Device contains LEDs of the following wavelengths - 620nm, 670nm, 760nm and 830nm.

Why get a Combo Device?

There are numerous benefits to combining different wavelengths of light therapy, the most significant being that the broader spectrum (620nm670nm760nm830nm ) provides even effects across a range of depth of tissue.

With the red-only lights you are focusing more on the surface tissues.
With the infrared-only lights you are focusing on deeper tissues.
With the Combo lights you are getting effects across a range of tissue:

  • 620nm and 670nm light has effects in the skin, but on slightly different layers (620nm more for epidermis, 670nm more for dermis).
  • 830nm is potent and penetrates well to the subcutaneous tissue and muscles.
  • 760nm is the deepest penetrating of all, reaching cells that no other wavelength can.

Studies looking at combining wavelengths show great results both for skin/hair/eyes and deeper tissue areas. These Combo Lights are so versatile and easily the best choice for anyone interested in treating a wide variety of issues.

These devices can be used close to the body to provide a high light intensity - this ensures ample penetration to deeper tissues.

When used from a greater distance the light spreads out and covers a larger area of skin, giving optimal effects for surface tissues.

spectrum of red/infrared combo light with cytochrome absorption

Choosing your Combo Device

$ 149.00 Ex. VAT $ 149.00

Combo Mini

This class of red/infrared combo light therapy product is ideal for use on the face or somewhere of a similar size. It can be handheld in one hand, but can also be hung, or used hands-free.

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Combo Device

This red/infrared combo light therapy device is about four times more powerful than the Mini version, and covers roughly 4x the surface area, making it a half-body light - capable of projecting light over an entire torso or similar sized area.
The COB LED and large lens mean there is a lot of light intensity coming out from a small area. So at close range the output is a concentrated light - very dense and intense, meaning excellent penetration and effects in deeper tissue. When you consider that only a small percentage of the light hitting the skin will penetrate down into the core of the body, it follows that you need to apply a very high dose – so this type of strong light with a concentrated light source is essential for that.
This light is mainly designed to be rested on any surface and pointed at the body part, but can be handheld and can also be hung.

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Combo Bodylight

This red/infrared combo bodylight is our most powerful class of light - specifically designed to cover the full body from side to side and top to bottom. It features an impressive 200 pieces of high power LEDs.
The high amount of light energy coming from this device means much quicker sessions, over larger areas of the body and more systemic effects across and inside the body.
This product is most readily used by hanging from a door or other hook, but can also be hung horizontally or simply rested on its side or leaning against a wall.

Not sure which model is best? - Get in touch

If you're not sure which of these Combo models is going to be best for you, or even if a Combo light is what you should get at all, send us a message.

Our expert team can advise on all aspects of light therapy / photobiomodulation - everything from the best wavelengths for your health goals, which specific product, and how you should use it exactly.