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Choosing between red light, near infrared light, or both

Why get a red light product?

Red light is typically used for skin, hair and eye health. It has better properties for these surface tissues, for several reasons – it’s mostly to do with how red light supports hydration and limits moisture evaporation. The wavelengths included under the term ‘red’ are any within the range of 600nm to 700nm. Studies show that the absorption peaks are around 620nm and 670nm.

Red lights are optimal for focusing on all 'surface of the body' tissues, things like; anti-aging concerns, wrinkles, wounds / healing, skin issues such as eczema, acne and rosacea, pigmentation issues (hyper or hypo), rashes, yeast issues, burns, cellulite, inflammation, male hormones/fertility, hair health / alopecia, eye health, and more.

A high intensity of red light is needed to get the beneficial effects, so our red light products are very bright when you turn them on.

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Why get an infrared product?

Near infrared is commonly used for targeting deeper tissues, things like; muscles, joints, bones, organs, pain, etc. It penetrates deeper than red, meaning it is better for results in deeper tissues. The relevant wavelengths included under the term 'near infrared' for light therapy are any within the range of 700nm to 850nm. The absorption peaks in this range are roughly 760nm and 830nm.

Near infrared light therapy devices are ideal to focus on tissues inside the body, things like: arthritis, injuries, pain (back pain, joint pain, neck pain, etc.), female fertility, tendon/ligament issues, internal organs, thyroid health, nerves, bones fractures, oral health, muscle function/recovery, weight loss, systemic inflammation, autoimmune conditions, and more.

Human eyes are not capable of perceiving near infrared light, and as a result our near infrared products are not bright - in fact you barely know that they are turned on.

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Why get both - a Combo Device?

Our Combo Devices contain both the red and the near infrared light therapy wavelengths. Combo lights can be considered an all-rounder, suitable for everything - both skin/surface treatments, but also deeper tissue concerns.

All of our Combo Devices contain 4 wavelengths - 620nm, 670nm, 760nm and 830nm - the 4 optimal absorption wavelengths, combining the best of red light therapy and near infrared light therapy.

The best thing about the Combo range of products is that you can't go wrong - whichever model you pick, it will help to some degree with basically any issue - inside or outside the body. These are the most versatile light therapy products, being useful for a wide variety of things.

If someone has a specific issue, such as back pain, and that’s all they care about, then the near infrared products would be ideal. Same sort of thing with red lights and skin...but if you have, for example, both back pain and want to get skin benefits, then a combo is worth considering (or both a separate red and separate near infrared product).

You might want a device primarily for skin concerns, but have someone in your family with a bad knee for example - the Combo lights are definitely the ideal choice in these type of situations - one product to solve several issues. See our full selection of Combination red-infrared light therapy products here.

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