Red Light Therapy and Animals

light therapy for animals - dogs cats horses etc

Red (and infrared) light therapy is an active and well studied scientific field, dubbed the ‘photosynthesis of humans’. Also known as; photobiomodulation, LLLT, led therapy and others – light therapy seems to have a broad range of applications. It supports general health, but also treats various conditions. It’s not only humans that benefit though, with […]

Complete guide to light therapy dosing

guide to dosing light therapy

Light therapy, Photobiomodulation, LLLT, phototherapy, infrared therapy, red light therapy and so on, are different names for similar things – applying light in the 600nm-1000nm range to the body. Many people swear by light therapy from LEDs, while others will use low level lasers. Whatever the light source, some people notice tremendous results, while others […]

Light therapy and hypothyroidism

thyroid gland location

Thyroid issues are pervasive in modern society, affecting all genders and ages to varying degrees. Diagnoses are perhaps missed more often than any other condition and typical treatment/prescriptions for thyroid issues are decades behind the scientific understanding of the condition. The question we are going to answer in this article is – Can light therapy […]